I started this blog around the time I began to study architecture, as a way to track ideas of whatever scope and complexity, from a sketch to a building. Over time the site has become a chronicle and chronology of my thinking about architecture, from early experiments and speculative proposals to completed projects and buildings currently in progress. It is, inevitably, also a timeline of my professional education: studying with some of the best minds in architecture, working in influential practices, co-founding Bureau V, and eventually starting my own studio, PINCUS A+D.

Tesselated And Surfaced Double Parametric Structure

Parametric Mathematical Surface Sketch

We’re trying to figure out how to scale the space frame members to their maximum potential size given their proximity to the control surfaces, and then fill in the intermediate spaces with smaller scaled members. I think three or four scales max is ideal. Then we will add connection members between the space frame and the surfaces. We’re also working on having the space frame defined by two different surfaces to gain variability in the thickness, and defining new parameters for tesselation.