I started this blog around the time I began to study architecture, as a way to track ideas of whatever scope and complexity, from a sketch to a building. Over time the site has become a chronicle and chronology of my thinking about architecture, from early experiments and speculative proposals to completed projects and buildings currently in progress. It is, inevitably, also a timeline of my professional education: studying with some of the best minds in architecture, working in influential practices, co-founding Bureau V, and eventually starting my own studio, PINCUS A+D.

Ruled Surface on Complex Space Frame

Ruled Surface Space Frame
Ruled Surface Space Frame With Hex Crystals

Here we are testing the potential for a ruled surface on a more complex spaceframe. The ruled surface is intersecting with the framing modules, so we need to develop another set of rules to offset surfaces based on this degree of intersection. We are also starting to investigate other tesselation methods that could work in concert with the spaceframe approximations.