I started this blog around the time I began to study architecture, as a way to track ideas of whatever scope and complexity, from a sketch to a building. Over time the site has become a chronicle and chronology of my thinking about architecture, from early experiments and speculative proposals to completed projects and buildings currently in progress. It is, inevitably, also a timeline of my professional education: studying with some of the best minds in architecture, working in influential practices, co-founding Bureau V, and eventually starting my own studio, PINCUS A+D.

B Side Wins Again

Furbot by XV

Noah Olmsted and I were asked to make an animated music video for the DJ Spooky and Chuck D collaboration B Side Wins Again.  We’re basing it on our own idea of the apocalypse, so it will be mostly furry meat controlled robots in a modified Kubrick donut spaceship prison and sunsets.  This is our first stab at designing the robotic exo-skeleton.  The cradle is where the furry meat will reside.  This is our first project out of school and the complexity is growing exponentially in relation to our ambitions.